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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Oh Burqa Off ...Thats Just Daft

During the Taliban's reign of terror a woman and her 12-year-old daughter were beaten to within an inch of their lives when the woman removed her daughter's burqa in order to help her breathe during an asthma attack.

I recall reading this in one of Julie Birchills articles some years back. That wasn’t of course the first time id read of the horrors of Islamic treatment of women and that ludicrous garb we’re meant to accept as a modern ‘symbol’ of a woman’s 'right' to choose whatever ‘fashion’ she wants in a deeply right on liberal society.

I’ve also since read and agree with columnist Yasmin Alibhai Brown on this particular issue. She leans somewhat towards a ban: “thousands of liberal Muslims would dearly like the state to take a stand on their behalf. If it doesn't, it will betray vulnerable British citizens and the nation's most cherished principles and encourage Islam to move back even faster into the dark ages, when we all need to face the future together".

The vulnerable women she referred to included a desperate young woman who had followed her home one evening revealing from under her burqa bruises and cuts received from her deeply pious father and brothers. It left her with a number of serious questions about just what we are helping to cover up by paying not a blind bit of notice in the name of ‘rights’. She condemns what she views as a "pernicious ideology.. propagated by misguided Muslim women who claim the burqa is an equaliser and a liberator". I'd only add along with all modern day feminists and homo-lefticus who’ve since abandoned fundamental women’s rights in favour of a tacit support for religious fundamentalism.

Stifle (or not) a laugh at this little hospital number we read about earlier this week but its depressing to read that the latest ‘severe burqa homage’ syndrome hails, not from Saudi Arabia or Iran, where women fight and die daily against the shroud, but from right here in the UK.

The hilariously named ‘inter faith’ gown is designed to help you retain your modesty in surgery. Not sure what is ‘inter faith’ about it firstly and, secondly, when you’re under anaesthetic and on the surgeons table, modesty is the least of your problems and adequately handled already. I’m guessing here but surely there is no way this gown can actually be worn during surgery? That would give rise to a number of issues surely. So this is presumably for that really long arduous journey you make on a trolley from your ward to the theatre.

NHS money is now being squandered on indulging superfluous fundamentalist beliefs. Wonderful opportunism from its designer. After all, it was always highly unlikely anyone would dare to pipe up 'but thats just daft!'.

The robes 'designer' refuted suggestions that she had taken her inspiration from the 'Imperial Snowtrooper' character in 'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back'

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At Wednesday, 06 September, 2006, Anonymous MrSmith said...

Ahhh, yes, the Interfaith hospital gown, evoking memories of ecumenical ceremonies handed down across the faiths from Arabia to... uhm.......

At Thursday, 07 September, 2006, Blogger Wolfie said...

This really is a cringe-worthy piece of kowtowing to medieval backwardness that says just of much about the decline of Western confidence in modernism. Apart from that I'm sure such a restrictive garment will be detrimental to hospital staff doing their job effectively, especially when the weather is rather hot.

At Saturday, 09 September, 2006, Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

I wonder if its suitable for that good old staple of 'vibrant' cultures, clitoral removal.


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