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Friday, September 15, 2006

Silver Tongued Fascists

In 2005 the radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir declared it would resist all attempts by Tony Blair to ban it. (A BBC investigation reveals why we might need a ban here). Officials of the group warned that the government's proposals would be interpreted by the Muslim community as part of an 'anti-Islamic' agenda (snore) and could trigger civil unrest.

Its chief spokesperson, Waheed, threatened: 'God help us if the level of frustration grows among the Muslim community and there is no-one there like us to challenge it’. Sound familiar? Mr Waheed, the ‘radical’, sounds just like the ‘moderates’ at the MCB and the Muslim Public Affairs Committee. God help us indeed. Hitz ut Tahir’s stated aims are to restore the caliphate, the all-encompassing Muslim state, with designs on imposing Islamic Sharia Law on all the citizens of the world.

Waheed popped up like a jack in the box in the 9/11 editorials in this weeks Times to sell us on the idea. He wants to reassure the unwitting British public that the Caliphate is not at all ‘medieval’ (LOL!) as ‘Tony Blair implied’. And he squirms - this is ‘an example of the disinformation expounded since 9/11’. Disinformation? Sounds like Blair has nailed it to me.

In this letter Hitz ut Tahir are proposing elements laid out in their own charter – such non medieval sounding treats as execution for apostasy, separate roles for men and women, women to not sit in positions of power, women to be veiled and obey their husbands…. to name but a few. And naturally it is totally opposed to democracy as a form of government. By definition Islamic law cannot be democratic (unless by democratic one means to decide on the size of the stone to use in Islamic stonings.)

Infinitives Unsplit pounced on this and pulled apart the slimily worded letter to expose the real lies here.

The NUS, ‘trustees’ of some of Britain's mosques and Islamic schools all banned Hizb-ut-Tahrir from operating a while ago.

Here’s my take. Banning them is a passive get out in this and in this instance the position of the so called moderate muslim community. The NUS, muslim Mosque trustees etc should buckle up and challenge them. Expose them and their ilk for the slimy, weasly, double speaking, silver tongued crypto-fascists they really are.

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