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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The same Shit in our own Back Yards

So was it the front page of the Independent (aka the Daily Hate for liberals) that irritated me today and set me thinking? The Guardian.. with its clear crummy reporting? The announcement from Security Services about Al Q?


I made the big mistake of clicking on the comments section at Little Green Footballs again. Charles Johnson had stuck some piece up about Britain, Doom, Doom, Doooooomed!!!....and the comments on that post well...let's just say that they make the Guardian, the BBC and the Indy's readers look balanced and gentle in their criticism of the US.

Responses to LGFs post on the Security announcement today included such gems as:

"Britain deserves to be bitten. They've invited the vampires in"

"More and more, the British citizenry are seeing these Islamopukes for what
they are, and their media for what THEY are".

"What do you think that means? Are they finally scared?"

Bloody hell. So whats sets LGF apart from the BBC then? ....if i suggest America deserved 9/11 for supporting Irish terrorism all those years, is that OK? ARE we finally scared, fellow Brits? Do we not recognise media bias, fellow Brits? Poor us. We need the Americans to tell us! LOL ....and deep breath.

I'm not the only one to wonder at the kind of insulist ignorant moron that would post that kind of rubbish ( it went on and on and on...) and then assume some moral superiority over their ignorant BBC oodling cousins. I also wonder what the hell im doing every day rubbishing anti americanism when its pretty clear the same kind of crap spews forth across the Atlantic from the other side towards 'Americas no 1 ally'. This isnt a reaction to whats happening here vis a vis opinions formed about the US via the BBC et al. LGF is a convenient forum to pander to lingering, 'post-colonial' anti English resentment ...and raise the bar. Its a great site for quick news bursts..but if you want views on what affects Britain, any Americans out there... please dont listen to Charles.

This excellent comment following 'anthean' below a few weeks ago was spot on. It applies equally well today to the kind of idiot who would think 'we deserve to be bitten'.

#7 anthean 9/12/2006 05:50PM PDT

"Can someone help me understand why both the British public and the Irish public are such incredible suck ups to the Palestinians ? What is it about suicide bus bombers that Brits find so attractive ? I'm not talking about the British government, but the people. What is wrong with them ? "

With all due respect anthean, but what an incredibly stupid fucking statement. I'd love to know where you found the time to poll every British citizen, from the PM right down to the last shit-shovelling dock worker, for the basis of your outburst.

It's not just you either. I can't count the number of posts I read each and every day prattling on about the lack of moral fortitude or opposition towards any given issue that can be ascribed to the people of Britain, mostly based on what little representation our media affords the majority of our citizens

Need I point out that you would find it grossly offensive if we held to the view that Americans are little more than overweight, beer swilling, gun toting cowboys, sitting in their trailers and watching talk shows, waiting for the weekend when they'll be marrying their cousins?. Never mind that it would be an entirely crass and uneducated view.

So we just love to be bombed do we?. We'd just love to see our children blown to pieces by terrorists would we?. Whose arse did you pull that opinion from eh?.

Also, since when did any single nation have the monopoly on historical infallibility?. Any person who wishes to express that their particular nation has never made a mistake or followed the wrong path before today is full of shit, end of story. No mans nation is unnacountable for its errors in the past, but the past is unchangeable.

It's where we go from today that determines where we'll be tomorrow. As Churchill said: "If we open up a quarrel between the past and the present, we will find that we have lost our future".

Yet there are those who would seek to judge the Britons of today upon the actions or misjudgements of people long dead and buried, people already judged by history. Would it be fair to say that all Americans are racists based on the history of the slave trade?. Of course it wouldn't. So why paint all Britons today with the brush of Anti-Semitism on that same basis of historical prejudices?.

There are many things wrong with our nations. Yet there are becoming too few people these days that seem capable of expressing the simple notion that we all have, to some degree, the same shit in our own back yards. This notion in itself is the seed of debate. I have had many productive discussions with people from many nations with a view to discussing our mutual problems and exploring the ways and means of solving them.

But to hear my nation arbitrarily written off and spoken of as no better than our enemies, I must take issue. As I am sure most good and proud Americans would (and should) do, when their nation comes under attack. I would never attack the American nation in such manner as I have seen my nation attacked in some posts. To do so would be ignorant and ungracious, sneering and self righteous.

The possibility that some smelly little jihadi is looking at his computer screen, laughing and saying to his friend; "Look Ahmed.... They hate eachother as much as they hate us.... this is going to be easy!", is perhaps not as remote a possibility as people may think.

Some people need to get a fucking grip.


At Friday, 20 October, 2006, Blogger Sperestillan said...

Yes, and I've had many an issue myself with some of the things said in LGF's comment section. I think I described it as 'the lynch mob in all it's glory' or some such.

At Friday, 20 October, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

Thank you for the Battle info below sperestillan i posted a comment but it didnt 'take'. Blogger was a bit slow.

LGF is fast becoming one of my least favourite blog sites. Id rather spend time reading Comment is Free. At least the rubbish posted there helpfully shows people up for what they are..what does LGF achieve?

At Friday, 20 October, 2006, Blogger Eric said...


I wouldn't assume that LGF's commenters reflect Charles' opinions. I take his posts as condemnations of the leftist, multiculturalism that have allowed "Britain's big problem" to develop.

Unfortunately, some of his commenters are less well-informed and read some of his posts, and just let loose with a bunch of crap. It's one of the reasons I don't comment there much any more. I've grown tired of trying to convince people that al-Guardian, al-Beeb and George Galloway don't necessarily represent the average Brit.

I can't speak for Charles since I don't even know the guy, but I suspect most anti-terrorism bloggers on this side of the pond look on Britain as family, and hate what we see happening there. It's Brit blogs like yours and a host of others that give us reason to hope for the best.


PS -- What's going on with blogger? This is my 3rd attempt to post this comment!

At Friday, 20 October, 2006, Blogger Sir Percy said...

Hat-tip to Alison!

What a refreshing change to read something like this.

All of the hyperbole doesn't really help, does it?

PP contacted me the other day re. 'doing something'. If you haven't already heard from Peter R., it looks as if there will be some sort of get-together in London very soon.

All the best,


At Friday, 20 October, 2006, Blogger Sperestillan said...

"I wouldn't assume that LGF's commenters reflect Charles' opinions."

Maybe not, but he doesn't at times exercise the responsibility that he should do. It's his page, and knowing how many people read it and what some of the attitudes of some of those people are, I wouldn't call some of his commentators 'less well-informed' as that's something of an understatement.

Let me give another example:
During the recent war between Israel and the Islamists a politician made a stupid statement likening the Israelis behaviour with the Nazi's of WW2, and the Lebanese situation with the Warsaw ghetto. A lot of people were angry at the attempted comparison and a national daily ran a cartoon, along with an accompanying article, showing how ludicrous the comparison was.
On LGF all that was shown was the cartoon, no link to the accompanying article and no explanation, just the cartoon. And the implications were obvious, that the British were nothing but a bunch of Jew-haters. Let's look at a number of comments that were left by other people:

The British seem to be warming to the theme. I challenge anyone to take a walk through Yad Vashem and come out of there not hating the British.

Anyone need more proof that Englsand has become the most antisemitic country in Europe?

What ever gave you the rather erroneous idea that they ever weren’t?

Does Prince Phillip speak English with a German accent?just wondering.

You might think that Kristallnacht would have led them to wise up a little bit. No such luck. After Jews began to be sent to extermination camps, the Jews of Europe went to a great deal of trouble to amass huge amounts of testimony, data, photos etc. of what was happening and smuggle that out of Europe to England. The Brits flatly refused to even examine the evidence.

Some American generals begged their British counterparts (who actually had charge of the direction of the war in Europe) to allow the bombing of Auschwitz-Birkenau and the tracks running to them while bombing raids on other facilities within 3 miles of the camp were being carried out. The Brits flatly refused.

The British themselves are directly responsible for a great deal of the ongoing conflict in the middle east.

The Royal Brits are just a bunch of inbred assholes.

Complete, utter and unadulterated crap. All of it. And yet this is touted as history in America? Despite the fact that a number of British commentators tried to point this error out no correction was made, and Charles excuse was that the article wasn't obvious. Well the others found it easy enough to find, so why couldn't he? And why didn't he correct it when the error was pointed out to him, and pointed out a number of times? And you wonder why we get angry about it?

At Friday, 20 October, 2006, Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

It makes some of them feel better about their own Government's schizophrenic mix of raging Dhimmitude and invading of Muslim countries I suppose.

I dont read the comments at LGF any more either.

At Saturday, 21 October, 2006, Blogger Eric said...


I don't wonder for a minute why you get angry about it...I would (and do), too.

I just ignore most of the comments there these days.

At Saturday, 21 October, 2006, Blogger Tom Tyler said...

Good post, Alison.
I think what we have to remember here is that Americans' views of the UK come to them via the media, which reports on the government's attitudes rather than the public's. (The two are poles apart, at the moment). All they get is the BBC's pro-palestinian, anti-Israeli shit, and reports of our twatty socialist government cow-towing to Islam all the time. So they think that represents the public's views, which it doesn't.
I think the British Public is as wide awake as the American public is, but our government and media do not share our views yet.
All the same, you're right: Where are the noises coming from the US government about facing up to North Korea (and Iran's) nuclear threats? I'm not hearing anything good from the White House so far. Bush's administration seems to be set on appeasement. Have they forgotten all about 9/11? Looks like it.

At Saturday, 21 October, 2006, Blogger jonz said...

Sperestillan I could feel my chest tightenig with anger as I read how fucking back stabbing some right wing americans are at lgf.

Here's me posting under freestar some time last year I think

At Saturday, 21 October, 2006, Blogger Alison said...

Hi Eric - i do appreciate that this isnt what all Americans think.. but i do feel a bit fed up with it now. I suppose the issue is what you have actually raised - that the blogosphere does afford people the ability to gain an idea of what is going on..which is why i find some of Charles posts, given his status amongst bloggers, as all the more irritating. He almost invites those commenters and appears to be pandering to them rather than setting a context for his posts - whereas he tends to do this for american issues. Its not just the comments for me its his angle..there realy isnt an excuse when there is so much info to hand here. Of course much of the stuff he does is still spot on in other areas. The exposes for example..

Tom - maybe thats where we differ slightly on this - i think the days of assuming all Brits position via the media are over - blogs prove that point. Even the media have had to listen. There is often good news out there to discourage the jihadis but its bypassed. Thats what worries me and why i am inclined to agree with the guy whose comment i posted.

sp - i saw that post. It utterly infuriated me too.

DSD - i wonder about that. You and Tom raise that point but i honestly dont think the issues they have themselves are taken as seriously because they actively prefer the rush to say UK/Europe is fooked! Maybe im wrong.

jonz - do you think Brits have given up posting there now? I do. I cant comment as i dont have 'rights' so i guess thats why i was driven to do this post.

Ah well.

At Saturday, 21 October, 2006, Anonymous Jay said...

Very good point. However,I believe that the "educated" American consider the English to be nothing short of the best of friends to both the US and Israel. As an American living in Israel for the past ten years, I am nothing short of disgusted over the appeasement policy of the recent Israeli governments. I do not however, consider that policy representative of my beliefs.


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