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Sunday, February 26, 2006

March for Free Expression

A Rally in Trafalgar Square is now confirmed between 2:00pm and 4:00pm on Saturday March 25th 2006.

For more information visit

  • March for Free Expression blogspot

  • “We, a group of individuals of no particular political leaning, are calling on organisations and other individuals to support a march for freedom of expression to be held in London and if possible simultaneously in other cities of the world.

    We are doing this for two reasons. Firstly, to celebrate the precious gift of free expression that was entrusted to us by all those who fought so long and hard. Secondly, to remind our politicians of their duty to fearlessly protect free expression against all who wish to undermine it.

    We wish to point out that this march and rally is not an attack on Muslims or members of other religious groups. We in fact welcome all members of all religions who believe as we do in the paramount importance of free expression.Let's stand up, be counted and be seen”

    The march is receiving support from moderate muslim groups in Europe and the US:-

    “Free Muslims was created to eliminate broad base support for Islamic extremism and terrorism and to strengthen secular democratic institutions in the Middle East and the Muslim World by supporting Islamic reformation efforts. Free Muslims promotes a modern secular interpretation of Islam which is peace-loving, democracy-loving and compatible with other faiths and beliefs. The Free Muslims' efforts are unique; it is the only mainstream American-Muslim organization willing to attack extremism and terrorism unambiguously. Unfortunately most other Muslim leaders believe that in terrorist organizations, the end justifies the means".

    International Solidarity

    Sister marches are now planned in the US Australia and Canada in support of the London event:-.

    “We are being contacted by people from all over the world, saying they would like to be able to participate in a march in favour of free expression. If you do not live in the UK, but feel the same, please get in touch (via the email address on their blogspot) and we can try to put compatriots in touch with each other”

    They 'dont want fascists'. This MUST be a peaceful event to garner the right attention and get the message across. So it needs decent turn out. I agree with their sentiments that it would be “
    wonderful if people all across the world were to march in March for Freedom”.

    Bravo. Spread the word. We intend to be there. As does Pub Philosopher with details of some suitable drinking establishments on the day to follow...

    Hat tip
  • Drinking from Home


    At Sunday, 26 February, 2006, Blogger MonicaR said...

    Thank you for this link, Alison. I'm on it like white on rice, I tell ya.

    I'll forward the info. to a couple of groups - I would love to see something organized nationwide.

    I believe the Free Muslims Coalition is the Free Muslims Against Terror - or was. Nawash is a familiar name and I recall emailing him to inquire if he and his group believes in the right of Israel to exist. He emailed back 'of course'. He is a man of few words apparently. That's okay. His group also organized a rally in DC awhile ago - Muslims against terror or something - only a dozen or so people showed up. It was a bit disheartening but there wasn't a whole lot of time or publicity ahead of it.

    Well - let me forward this link to a couple of people. Have a good one.

    At Sunday, 26 February, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

    Yes the Freedom blog said he was fairly succinct but at least he seems to have a good disposition.

    I understand there are rallies being held all over the UK also. I must say im so glad someone is organising something. Pub Philosopher have cross posted and intend to go along.

    Let me know of any events planned in Philly or elsewhere.

    At Sunday, 26 February, 2006, Anonymous Christopher Brooks said...

    Does freedom of speech extend to David Irving?

    At Sunday, 26 February, 2006, Anonymous alison said...


    At Monday, 27 February, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yes of course to David Irving...what a farce that all is. Will definitely be there on March 25th and am spreading the word to non bloggers. Well done you all.

    At Wednesday, 01 March, 2006, Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

    On Irving, I should point out that the march organisers have made it quite clear that whilst this is a march about freedom of expression, outright fascists (of whichever political persuasion) are not welcome.

    At Wednesday, 01 March, 2006, Anonymous alison said...

    Yes i mentioned that in the post - it is crucial this doesnt get hijacked for it be taken seriously. Ive rounded up a tonne of euros of all nominations to make sure we are there in force. That said though freedom of expression entends to Irving and Griffin.


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